Watercolor Confetti : Paperback Field Notes

Watercolor Confetti : Paperback Field Notes


These handmade paperback notebooks feature our Watercolor Confetti cover paper, an ombre-toned hemp cord stitching, and a smooth eco friendly eco-friendly eggshell speckle writing paper. Perfect for casual notetakers and to-do list makers! Hand painted with real watercolors. Each confetti pattern is completely unique!


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Thick, luxe Watercolor Confetti cover stock, hand painted by Sincerely Creative Co.  

Unlined paper in a white eggshell speckle finish. 

Saddle Stitched by hand with our natural ombre hemp cord.

Approximately 5.5" wide x 8" high, 100 pages



Due to the nature of handcrafted goods, some variation in color  is to be expected. 


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Handmade by Sincerely Creative Co.