Think of a brand identity like a tattoo for your business.

Like a tattoo, a brand identity is meant to capture the essence of your business in a striking icon that represents everything your business stands for. It should be unique and meaningful, considering your business' mission, products, and personality. Because – like a tattoo – brand identities are meant to be nearly permanent, with change coming infrequently, if it comes at all!

This worksheet is an invaluable tool designed to help me get to know your brand, and to help you think through some key marketing questions if you haven't already. Before I can design a logo for your brand, I need to know your brand! The more information you give here, the more tailored and creative that first logo draft can be. 

Finally, if you have any business partners, call them up! You'll want to go over this worksheet together. This is the time to get the team unified on the vision.

So, you ready? Let's get inked.