PSA: Go out and live.

This is a Public Service Announcement. 

I did this amazing thing this week and logged out of Facebook. 

Would you believe; I stopped checking it so much (actually, I completely stopped checking it) while working and actually spent more time going outdoors, taking walks, and actually visiting with friends face to face and having conversations on the phone?

I went to Yosemite National Park on Sunday and stayed unplugged all day. No Instagrams, no status updates. It was an incredibly good and personal day. It saddened me though to see so many people staring at the wonder of the valley spread out below us only through the screens of their cell phones.

I think when we're constantly connected, it's so easy to get sucked in to this digital world we've created, that's really not all that important. But when you impulsively go to and see yourself logged out, it's a little reminder that there's more to life than clicking "like".

Go out and live, guys.

End of PSA. :)