Learn On Me // A Special Art Show

Artwork by the lovely and talented Sam Danan.

Artwork by the lovely and talented Sam Danan.

I was recently asked to participate in an art show by my lovely friend and extremely talented designer/typographer extraordinaire, Sam Danan. Seriously, her typography skills make me mega jealous. I need to practice more.

Learn On Me 
Opens Friday June 27th, 6-10 PM
Hurley HQ, [ 1945 Placentia Avenue, Costa Mesa CA 92627 ]

The art show will be entitled "Learn on Me" and proceeds will benefit Orange County Theraputic Arts Center. The organization works with "at-risk youth and children with special needs", inspiring and building up these children through the arts. As a sibling of two wonderful women with Down Syndrome, it only took me about .00023564 seconds to say YES to participating in the show. I'm thrilled because many of the artists who will be showcasing their work are my extremely talented and close friends; these are people who I've "Leaned on and Learned from" over the years.

I will be submitting a series of black and white, hand-processed film photographs featuring my older sister. I don't want to give away too much here; I'd rather you see the full story for yourself at the show opening! But here's one of the images from the series:

Who I've Leaned on and Learned from over the years:

Telling stories is a big deal to me, and my biggest supporters are those who've helped me write mine. My dad, who taught me to think logically. My mom, who taught me to share expressively. My three sisters, who taught me to behave compassionately. My friends, who taught me to love unconditionally. And my many teachers who taught me to dream enormously. And most of all there’s my faith, which taught me to see the world and the people in it for what they are: messy; stained; imperfect. And beautiful. Like a work of true art.

What about you? Who's someone you've Leaned On and Learned From? Share in the comments below!