Frightening Tales from the Designer's Desk: The Nightmare_Code

Last spring, I had the pleasure of working with my friend Leah Cevoli and film director Mark Netter to design the IndieGoGo campaign for Nightmare Code, "the indie sci-fi thriller about a behavior recognition technology start-up whose software begins modifying human behavior - with terrifying results."

I had such a fun time designing graphics that were spooky and techy; using lines of code taken directly from the Nightmare Code website to create a background texture.

But that's when things started to get...weird. I swear to you, dear readers, that this is no joke. I remember a few phone calls with Mark we bounced around ideas of designing graphics that looked like a user interface that was being taken over by "ROPER", the fictional name for the film's software-gone-evil. It was fun times all around and I was jazzed about the idea.

Then, one day I was working on these graphics, and my Photoshop document starts...flickering. Figuring it was just my junky PC acting up, I continued on. But then, this happened:

With each click, the glitch grew worse. Fuzzy static lines flickered and distorted the Nightmare Code images in my Photoshop window.

At this point, I was fully freaked. The Nightmare Code? Maybe it was real after all. And I had been infected. Of course, I had to email the whole team my screenshots and let them know immediately that their movie was coming to life in my computer:

It happened a few more times during the course of that campaign. But *only* when I was working on Nightmare Code documents. After the campaign ended, the glitch never happened again.

All I'm saying is keep a close eye on your tech gadgets, kiddos. You're are not alone.

(P.S. Happy Halloween and congratulations to The Nightmare Code for winning Best Thriller Feature Film at The 14th Annual Shriekfest!)