#ConfessionsOfADesigner: You know you've made a great design when...

Ok, I realize that may come across as a little cocky. So yeah, nifty disclaimer time.

Disclaimer: Recently I want to a design conference (Circles 2014, woop woop! Texaaaas!) and one of the big messages I took home was to make sure you realize that all the seemingly perfect and put together Twitter-famous people you follow are really just regular folks with terrible hair days and Instagram pic attempts that just turn out all wrong. What they post online is only the best of their work; what you're following is an edited version of their life. SO, although I am definitely not Twitter-famous, (here's proof) I think it's important to point out that a ton of the stuff I make is definitely NOT internet worthy. Like, really. My sketchbook...it's just...it's not pretty. 

All that said, I'm working on a new client's crowd-funding campaign that I CAN'T WAIT to share with y'all. (I think Texas wore off on me...) I'll just say this for now since I cant share anything quite yet:

Thrillers. Cult classics. Vampires. Silent films. Saul Bass. Bauhaus.
But with a freaking sweet 21st century twist.

Happy October!