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Sincerely Creative Co. is a specialized graphic design studio + bindery by Gina Alessi. Whether for the silver screen or for my customer’s businesses, I utilize a cross-disciplinary method to craft unique products and approach every project with a holistic design process, thoughtful precision, and zealous creativity. As a graphic designer for film and television, I use newspapers, signage, books, and countless other props and set pieces to build worlds and tell stories. I also collaborate with creative entrepreneurs and artists in the real world to design and launch innovative, successful brands. My newest venture is an online shop that sells handcrafted leather journals and a curated selection of prints and graphics for home and office. Everything I do is influenced by a fierce love of graphic design, typography, art history and the process of making things with my hands. Though currently a one-woman show, I envision Sincerely Creative Co. evolving into a design collective: a place where designers of diverse talents work together to create incredible pieces that tell human stories.

♥︎ Gina