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Chances are, if you're seeing this page it's because we've already had a great discussion about creating a great brand identity for your business. If so, this is where the fun begins! If this is your first time contacting me, I encourage you to say hello over here first, so I can get to know you and your project needs. If you'd like to have a look and our branding services menu and you haven't already, you can download it here.

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PRO TIP: While basic demographics are important (age, gender, etc.) think beyond. Describe lifestyle, habits, shopping preferences. Imagine you are their friend, describing them to someone else. An 18-22 year-old female from New York City who loves fashion and couture products is very different than an 18-22 year old female from Seattle who loves old bookstores, plaid shirts and coffee shops!
PRO TIP: Time for a thesaurus! Avoid common descriptors such as “fun” or “cool.”
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